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Jenkins Medical Center to Remain Open Until June 24, 2017

After operating with accelerating financial losses, an aging facility, and major infrastructure challenges requiring significant investment, we have announced the decision to merge Optim Medical Center-Jenkins in Millen, GA into Optim Medical Center-Screven, located twenty minutes away in Sylvania, GA. We believe consolidating the medical resources of both facilities into one location at Screven will best serve our patients’ and local residents’ long-term healthcare needs.

We made this difficult decision to close our Jenkins facility following a lengthy analysis during which we looked for ways to keep Jenkins open. Unfortunately, for several years Jenkins has experienced ongoing financial and structural challenges, continued reductions in patients, and declining government program reimbursements, and we were left with no viable options to keep it operating.

We sincerely regret the impact this will have on both our patients and our employees whose positions have been eliminated. We appreciate their years of hard work and dedication to our patients and the community, and we are committed to helping them through this transition.

Optim, however, will maintain a strong presence in Millen and Jenkins County with Dr. Kyle Gay, Dr. Prakul Chandra, nurse practitioner Jennifer Lunsford, and their highly-skilled supporting team, who will continue to see patients and serve local residents at our Optim Primary Care facility located at 961 East Winthrope Avenue.

Our mission across our network of hospitals and other facilities is to ensure the strength of Optim’s overall healthcare system so we may continue providing our patients with the highest standards of medical care. While job reductions are always difficult, the actions we took will help us to continue to successfully provide the people in Eastern Georgia or Jenkins County with needed medical services.

For Optim Medical Center-Jenkins patients seeking additional information, please call or email:

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